The Peace Corner - El Rincon de Paz

Celebrating the 3 Peace Corners in the Washington D.C. area. At Byron House Assisted Living in Potomac, Maryland; EOFULA Spanish Senior Center in Washington D.C. and Work for Peace Orphanage in Washington D.C. The Peace Corner: ’ÄúSee the world with global eyes--love the world with a global heart-- understand the world with a global mind--merge with the world through a global spirit’Äů The idea for Peace Corners was originated by Barbara Gaughen Muller, whose radio show, Inspiring Conversation, is broadcast worldwide. She and her husband, former UN Assistant Secretary-General Dr. Robert Muller. Here is a photo collage of the PEACE CORNER with elders and kids, their views for PEACE and for a better world.
A beautiful " Peace Corner " and a talk about PEACE with the kids of a Washington D. C. orphanage. Some of the kids from Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Peru, United States and China, in Washington DC, gathered around the Peace Corner titled in Spanish, "El Rincon de Paz"
Lisa said, "peace is to be happy... for example I feel happy when I have breakfast, because I feel good. I also feel peace and joy."
Hearts to express Peace... in many colors. For Lisa Peace is friendship and to love everyone.
Hector's drawing for Peace. A white dove.
Merci said that PAZ (PEACE) is to sleep well, because she does not sleep well if she is troubled by something.
And what is Peace? Peace is a red heart, my family, the word of God and all the people around the world. Spanish: La Paz es un corazon rojo, mi familia, la palabra de Dios y todas las personas del mundo unidas.
A garden of hearts of many colors. Carol said, "we all should talk to our parents about Peace."
Magdalene (a resident from Byron House in Potomac) said; "I would like to save the seeds of all the fruits we eat, like apples, avocado, pears... I think we can plant more trees or send the seeds to other countries were people do not have much to eat."
One of our elders will write a poem about PEACE. All the Byron family is invited to submit their contributions for the PEACE CORNER.
Lucy (a resident from Byron House in Potomac) said "I would like to help children and their education. I remember when I was a child my mother was always a very happy person and was always helping everyone. We were always very happy at home and it was difficult to be near my mother and not to be happy. I am a happy person and learned to be this way because of my mother. "
The Byron House has its own Peace Coner now. Four elders and two staff members gathered in the living room to talk about Peace and better ways for a better world. A beautiful book by Robert Muller "Decide To For A Better World" of poems, was discussed and then we started to ask this question "What can you do to make this world a better place?"
The Peace Corner, El Rincon de Paz10
At EOFULA Spanish Senior Center, day by day our elders bring their messages for Peace to be placed in the Peace Corner or Rinco De La Paz.
The Peace Corner was also put together by the elders at the Spanish Senior Center in EOFULA. We first talk about PEACE and everyone had the opportunity to communicate their thoughts for PEACE.
A drawing - a white dove, for many a symbol of PEACE.