Grandparent's Day - A Celebration of Life and Dreams - Sunday, September 11, 2005

Grandparents, children and grandchildren gathered Sunday, September 11th 2005, Grandparent's Day, during a "Celebration of Life and Dreams" for a better world for everyone.
A Bench of Dreams at Byron House, a community of happy elders and heart's desires for a better life, a better present and future... This is how it works... Select two small stones. Hold them close together and dream your dream. When you see your dream clearly, put one stone into your pocket to take with you. Toss the other stone into the garden. Hold your dream in your heart, even as the Earth holds it. One of our elders said "I dream for all people to be as civilized as the animals."
This beautiful cake "Celebration of Life and Dreams"
Ruth and Magdalene, Byron House residents and grandmothers cutting the ribbon of our new Bench of Dreams.
Here Ruth and Magdalene dreaming their heart's desires...
Ruth said, " look Magdalene, here is my dream and I can keep it"
A container with multicolor stones was placed next to the Bench of Dreams and a cherubim.
Grandparents dreaming... 1. I dream for love to change the way we live and for our grandchildren to speak more about happiness. 2. I dream that humanity never forget to be grateful. 3. I dream of more family togetherness.
...and the grandchildren said, 'well done granny"
more intergenerational dreams "All Gods tell us to love one another and to take care of each other. I dream of a day that we will not fight or hate another person because of 'different believes or religions'.
The first "Bench of Dreams" was conceived by Robert Muller, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, Chancellor Emeritus of the University for Peace. The original "Bench of Dreams" is located at the base of Mt. Rasur, near the University For Peace in Costa Rica. Visitors are asked to place a pebble or stone in each hand, press the two hands together, and with eyes closed, to dream. When opening the eyes, one stone is tossed onto the Earth, so that the sacred Earth and the natural forces of the universe will start working to materilize the dream, and the other stone is taken home as a reminder of the dream and the commitment we made to do all possible to live our dream and see it coming true. There are now hundreds of "Benches of Dreams" throughout the world.
... I dream for my children and grandchildren to be in freedom and well.
... the future is too in the hands of our grandparents. They too will become better grandparents by listening to their grandchildren, their dreams and thoughts.
The Bench of Dream, an spiritual inspiration, a moment for personal reflection. Our community of place and interest is the place to express ourselves and materialize our dreams.
Magdalene now 90+ and her son. Please tell Dr. Muller how much we love him for this great idea. This is one of my best Grandparent's Day.
The wellness of our elders is a community effort as it is peace and the a better future for everyone.
Grandparents, children and grandchildren discussing their dreams and how to help each other, enjoy a better quality of life and be happy.
A family gathering, ice cream and the Bench of Dreams made this Grandparent's Day 2005 unforgettabled...
A meaningful intergenerational program, here are some of its benefits: 1. Caring relationships with elders. 2. Positive, responsible role models 3. Empathy and sensitivity 4. Creative learning 5. Reintegration into family life 6. Renewed appreciation of past life experiences 7. Sense of purpose 8. Break down stereotypes and barriers that exist between generations 9. Establish closer ties and friendships within the community, and much more, the benefits are endless...
The sun shines, showing the beautiful colors of human nature and our garden. As beautiful as the rainbow.
... three generations, love and lots of fun.
Lucy, Anette, Emily and her daughter... a happy day.
The Bench of Dreams is now part of this beautiful therapuetic healing garden where elders come daily to enjoy nature. Viewing natural scenes or elements fosters stress recovery by evoking positive feelings, reducing negative emotions, effectively holding attention / interest, and blocking or reducing stressful thoughts.
The benefits of outdoor activities, nature walks and contact with nature are considered 'healing therapy' Fortunately with the recent interest in complementary and alternative therapies, which emphasizes healing the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit -- rather than simply alleviating symptoms, the interest in garden as healer has been revived.
Other special guests decided to show up...
Some enjoyed special seats...
Others were more cautious...
Nothing more refreshing than fresh water...
The Bench of Dreams program is facilitated by "Better World Community Adventures" A better way to serve and nurture happy communities.