Byron House - a Happy Zone. An active life style for elders where everyone participates.

Discussing our new Book Club, during a social hour. Our elders have chosen Robert Muller's beutiful work - Most of All They Taught Me Happiness to beging our meetings.
Most of All They Taught Me Happiness Dr. Robert Muller, a beautiful and inspirational book to nurture our souls, minds and physical bodies. Our elders at Byron House are creating a HAPPY ZONE. Our actions, thoughts, choices for a more happy and mindful living.
The life of Robert Muller, the stories of dreams and special moments of light and happiness that are now part of this beautiful world we all live in, borders in Europe that are now invisible as have always been for the birds, stars and the air. Every page of this beautiful work is a lesson and inspiration to live better lives. The book is in the library. Robert and Barbara Muller has sent us a copy autographed.
Byron House - A Happy Zone, where happiness, creativity, self-expression and many opportunity to gather and share the best of us.
It is simple... here Danny and Lucy making the small arrangements for the dining room tables. As Danny says...when you try something then you're amazed by what you are able to do.
Bingo - Time for Bingo and nothing else. Ellen our new volunteer leading this program.
Watercolors - creativity is a tonic for longevity as happiness is good energy for the physical body, mind and soul.
Volunteers singing with the elders 'don't worry, be happy' and some other happy songs.
Promoting intergenerational programs every group beneftis from the interaction and develop appreciation, values and respect among people of diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences.
Decorating pumpkins... fall decorations for the house.
A community where everyone contributes for a better and happier life style.
The elders at Byron House signing the thank you note for Barbara and Robert and welcoming the new book in the library.