Mrs. Duffy's class for hearing impaired students next to the PEACE CORNER.
We all learned by using sign language the meaning of PEACE, LOVE, SHARING, HELP, HAPPINESS and... WHAT CAN I DO to live in PEACE?
Mrs. Duffy is also hearing impaired and was instrumental  facilitating this unforgettable and meaningful day.  
Thank you!
PEACE... you're saying it with your eyes.  You're saying with your heart. I feel it in your touch and see it in your smile.
How to sign PEACE and HAPPINESS?  After explaining to the kids what is PEACE, they gave us examples of how to live in Peace.
“I give milk to my dog”, Kaylie says.  So she is happy and she is also helping her dog.
Yuriy said.. "I put my food tray away at lunch time and walk slowly in the lunch room."  
This is my contribution for PEACE.
Garrett's drawing shows how he helped his brother giving him hot cocoa and soup.
Helping someone is a way to live in PEACE. This drawing shows how a kid helped her cat by putting a bandage on its hurt leg.
For Lenetta PEACE is to be with her horse.  She says she feels happy and relaxed.
Taylor said "I am happy when I see fire trucks and fire men helping other people."
This is how we completed our  new PEACE corner, a place in the classroom to go and think about PEACE.  
When Kids misbehave in the classroom, they are going to be asked to go to the Peace Corner to calm down and to think about PEACE.
The kids drawing their ways to activate PEACE in their lives.
Boys and girls holding hands... allowing happiness and good energy to travel and get stronger.
We can focus on happiness and allow this beautiful and powerful energy to get stronger as we hold hands together...
Mrs. Duffy translating my words to the class using sign language.
We learned about friendship in the world and more about living in PEACE in our beautiful planet Earth
Everyone gave examples of friendship and how to help one another.
The teacher’s aid  taught new meanings and words using sign language.
Mrs. Duffy’s Peace game.
Everyone helped to assemble the game.
Creativity and love...
The kids learned how to sign PEACE, LOVE, HAPPINESS, SHARE and FRIENDSHIP.  All new words for them.
A volunteer was chosen to demonstrate how to say LOVE.
The game began... Everyone got a piece of paper with a question.
Each kid partnered with an adult to learn how to explain their answers using sign language.
Question: You see that you spilled some milk on the table, what can you do?  
Question: You see many dishes in the sink, what can you do to help?
Each team took some time to brainstorm their answers.
How divine!
How can I help someone?
Question: You are in the lunch room.  A new girl does not know where to sit.  What can you do?
Question: You are on the bus. A little boy can not buckle his seat belt. What can you do to help?
Everyone was having fun... as we learned how to better our quality of life.
Great responses and ways to help, share and live in harmony.
LOVE help us open our minds and hearts to better opportunities.
Explaining PEACE to the class... To play with friends and do things that do not harm anyone and anything.
Expressing love... a hug.
Helping someone...
We all learned in the classroom not to hurt animals or anyone.
Treat animals and nature with love, respect and kindness.  
Helping others... remembering to always wear a sincere smile.
Honesty.  Returning what is not ours.
The kids signing happiness next to the PEACE CORNER, before I left.
Better World Community Adventures is a project of WEL, World Elder Land.
Our PEACE CORNER is dedicated to Robert and Barbara Muller for creating the idea of having a corner of peace in our lives.
Thank you to Jenny Duffy for facilitating this meaningful program, and for all I learned by SHARING, LOVING and HELPING in the classroom today..
Mrs. Duffy’s Class at Lindwood Elementary School in Spokane, WA invited Kathy J. Ward, Universal Peace Ambassador, to talk about creative and fun ways to activate the words;  
Peace, Happiness, Help, Love and Share... 
It all begins with one spark... It all begins with you and I.

Monday, February 5, 2007